About Us

PT. Darlexindo Citra Jaya Mandiri (Banten, Indonesia)

PT Darlexindo Citra Jaya Mandiri, is a company engaged in heating, ventilation & air conditioning services.
Our business lines are:
- General Supplier Air Circulation
- Installation Mechanical
- Civil Electrical Specialist
- Ventilator Service
- Ventilation System
- Cooling Pad Fan System
and others.
The products we sell include the following:
1. Exhaust Fan (Industrial Exhaust Fan, Roof Mounted Exhaust Fan, FRP Exhaust Fan, SMC Exhaust Fan, Cone Fan, etc.)
2. Turbine Ventilator (Cyclone Turbine Ventilator, Darlexindo Roof Ventilator, Yuraku Turbine Ventilator and Airlexindo Turbine Ventilator)
3. Industrial Fans (Water Cooling Fan, Ceiling Fan, Stand Fan, Air Cooler Blower, etc.)
and many of our other products.


Harmoni Kota Tangerang Jl. Merdeka No. 53 Blok C1 Karawaci Tangerang
Banten , Indonesia


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